Dehler 46 – Flagship with freedom


Typical Dehler performance paired with generous comfort – the Dehler 46 is a masterpiece on the water. The interaction between sporty lines, the finest craftsmanship and unique design creates a 46-foot performance yacht full of superlatives.

Unique: Dehler design

Dehler yachts stand out with their unique personality, which amazes with clear lines. Simply unmistakeable.

Extra strong: Dehler Carbon Cage

Available as standard, the Dehler Carbon Cage lends the hull 20 per cent more stability. That means you can sail higher into the wind with your Dehler.

Inviting: Space below deck

The Dehler 46 offers three cabins with space for up to six persons – for the owner, family and guests.






14.76 m | 48.5 feet

Maximum Beam

210 l


2.25 m | 7.5 feet 2.58 m option | 8.4 feet option 1.87 m option 2 | 6.2 feet option 2

Maximum Length

21.2 m | 69.7 feet


210 l

Fuel Capacity

210 l

Water Capacity

450 l