BALI 4 .1


The Bali 4.1 has a new rear cockpit bench and large side chests that can accommodate a plancha or diving equipment.


Relaxing side :Navigation and pleasure in Lounge mode

  • a front cockpit for meals and a huge sunbath instead of the traditional trampoline
  • an extra living space with sunbathing on the roof.
  • A new rear cockpit bench.


Comfort side : The BALI 4.1 has an L-shaped square and a new interior design

The BALI 4.1 gondola, fully open, consists of a very comfortable “L” square, facing an extensible meridian. The kitchen return creates an unparalleled storage space and worktop surface.

The interior design, by Lasta Design Studio, gives pride of place to brightness, ergonomics, fluid shapes and noble materials.


Practical side The BALI 4.1 includes all the innovations that made the success of BALI 4.0:

  • The vast cockpit / square space with a huge oscillobasculante glass door.
  • The very marine full front deck that provides rigidity and protects spray with very large sunbaths and a front cockpit that can comfortably accommodate the entire crew.
  • The elevated cockpit and the very friendly flybridges.
  • Retractable or sliding windows for optimal ventilation at sea and at anchor.
  • The water, gasoil and cold capacities superior to those of all its competitors.





12.35 m

Maximum Beam

400 l


1.12 m

Maximum Length

6.72 m


400 l

Fuel Capacity

400 l

Water Capacity

800 l