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Although individual ownership with private use remains a viable option in a well-established market, fewer and fewer yachts these days maintain a program that includes no revenue or tax benefit whatsoever.  Let’s be clear, we make our money from boat sales, just like the rest. The difference here is we help you get your money back, whilst maintaining the value of your asset.  I’ve found that when we do what we do well it frees our clients to do what they do well, which accomplishes much in the most effective way. Give us a yachting need and we will fill it!

Each boat has its admirers and we believe that each has its purpose.  Rather than representing one brand or one revenue source and trying to make that suit every purpose, we have chosen to combine our experience to employ all of the existing revenue generating programs.  Upon the program definition we exercise specific partnerships with specific companies to generate specific results and exit strategies. We have partners from Mustique to Mallorca and Maine to Port of Spain.

Provided, you buy the vessel from us everything below as well as the knowledgebase that created it is at your disposal, free of charge.  Of course, most of the 3rd party charges are on you, but at a minimum we can point you in the right direction and all but ensure both positive management and use experiences.  

It’s mostly by design that you can not compare programs “apples to apples”.  The programs are diverse and varied. Let us introduce you to the right program to meet your needs.  Einstein said “unless you can explain it to a five year-old, you don’t fully understand”. We could write volumes and overwhelm most with knowledge that’s fairly useless in most cases, but invaluable in ours.   The idea here, is to do exactly the opposite. Our goal is to simplify your life “from sale to sails”.

Even with individually owned private vessels, digital access and sharing apps are becoming more common.   There are numerous platforms out there with different levels of liability and extremely different client demographics.   At a minimum, we can give you the tools to manage everything digitally whether your asset leaves the dock or not. Online boat management software, which simplifies preventative maintenance is becoming common as well as digital access to your yachts systems and video.  Once setup, nothing above is very technical and is commonly handled by the owner.  If you prefer a higher level of service, we can manage as much or as little as you prefer.

Traditional Crewed Charter – This is merely traditional crewed yacht ownership with the addition of a Clearing House to administer to the boat.  The clearing house handles the contracts, monies, etc. The crew are employed by and report to the owner and the boat is used as you wish and where you wish.   In every facet the yacht remains YOURS. These tend to be the best maintained vessels and retain the highest resale value. Much of the crew salary is offset by what would otherwise be maintenance expense.  Whether it’s an offshore company, or a temporary stewardess, let us assist.

In a Traditional Bareboat Charter program the vessel remains in one local and is managed entirely by a local company.  From high risk/high reward to conservative minimum guarantees, the choices are endless.  With your defined goals, we we can help you identify the right place, time, vessel, and management source.   

We represent The Moorings in both sales and charter.  In some cases, this fills a need that few can.  We highly recommend you have someone with your best interest at heart assist in purchase and placement.  Call us first!

True shared ownership-is complicated in the best cases.  We have the experience, enabling us to address the pitfalls and plans in most cases.  Obviously this a relationship-driven custom plan and should be treated as such from the inception.  When expectations are clear finding the best means to meet them only comes down to experience; yours and ours!

Embark is our “fractional” ownership model where one owns the yacht.  We sell “trip sets” of use on it and manage the entire program. Management costs are paid for by the memberships and a profit sharing scheme is employed with the owner. Embark is an ideal program in coastal communities and even better in elite second home markets.  Everyone truly wins here…tired of re-positioning your primary yacht for every trip? Embark. Realize how many weeks you will use it?  Embark.  Strong finances and you want a free boat?  Embark!

Excursion business/Head boat/Single purpose charter/Resort boat, call them what you will; these can be hugely profitable or fail in short order.  Benefit from our 7 years in the busiest port in the Caribbean. Of course there are numerous commercial “head boat” operations in more numerous locations around the globe; each of which will vary with financial performance.  We have distilled this whole market segment down to a handful of models easily adaptable to your circumstances. Use our research!

If it involves more than one boat; large or small, near or far, here we are. School Programs/Community Sailing Associations/One Design programs For 40 years one partner has been shipping full Optimist fleets around the world. We specialize in adaptive sailing fleets.   These are highly specific and in most require some collaboration prior to program design.  From floating classrooms to foiling dinghies, we can get them to you. Call for consult.